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Latest paheliyan in urdu with answers Collection

Collection of Paheliyan In Urdu For Kids

Bikhari nahi par bikh mangata ha,
ladaki nahi par pars use karta hai,
pujari nahi par ghanti bajata hai,
batao kon hai wo?

 Answer:- Bus Conductor

Bus Conductor

Best Paheliyan In Urdu With Answers

Hari Dandi
Lal Kaman
Toba Toba
Kare Insaan
Btao Kya?

Answer:- Lal Mirch

 Lal Mirch

Paheliyan In Urdu For Children

Padhne me, Likhne me
Dono Me hi Mai Aata Kaam
Pen Nhi, Kagaj Nhi
Btao kya hai Mera Naam?

Answer:- Chasma

Answer Chasma

Paheliyan In Urdu & Hindi Collection

Aisi kon c chiz hai jise
aage se to bnaya hai bhagwan ne
or piche se insaan ne?

Answer:- Bel Gaddi

Bel Gaddi image

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