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Hindi Puzzles & paheliyan In Urdu with answers

Best Hindi Puzzles For Children :)

Do Sunder Ladke
Dono ek Rang Ke
Ek Bichad Jaye.
To Dusra Kaam Na aye.

Answer:- Joota

Answer shose Hindi Puzzles

Urdu paheliyan & Latest Hindi Puzzles

Aisi kon si cheej hai jo adhik thand Sardi me bhi pigalti hai..

ऐसी कोनसी  चीज़  ह जो  अधिक ठण्ड में भी पिगलती है !

Answer:- Candel ( Mombati )

hindi puzzles Candel

Hindi Puzzles with answers for children

char khando ka nagar bana
char kuye bin pani
chor 18 usme baithe
liye ek rani
aaya ek droga
sabko peet-peetkar
kuye me dala.
Btao Kya?

चार  खंडो का नगर बना
चार कुए बिन पानी
चोर  18 उसमे बैठे
लिए  1 रानी
आया  1 दरोगा
सबको पीट-पीटकर
कुए  में डाला.
बताओ  क्या?

Answer:- carrom board

Answer carrom board

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